The current pandemic is making life hard for all musicians Independent musicians - those you may have never heard of are suffering the most. Performances are being cancelled, classes are being cancelled or severely limited, recording studios, even home studios are not functioning and more. You can help out by listening to their music via streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music (iTunes), and Amazon Music. Big name groups probably don't need help. Instead, try to listen to people who you have not heard on the radio. The artists make money for every song played. Also consider purchasing a track or album. If an artist has a donate button on their website, consider making a donation. Here are some links to get you started: Spotify (Listen for free) | Apple Music (iTunes) | Amazon Music | Google Music. And of course we can be helped with every piece of sheet music you buy or by taking music lessons over Skype or Facetime

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Piano Lessons and Music Lessons

Gainesville, Micanopy, McIntosh, and Ocala
and anywhere in the world via the internet

Learning to play the piano, no matter your age, has benefits that go well beyond the enjoyment that comes from being able to play. Now's the time to take the plunge and learn. Yes, you do have time. I teach lessons over the internet as well as locally so finding a schedule that works for you is no problem.
Lessons on music theory (scales, chords, form, notation, how to read music), composition, arranging, Sibelius notation software, Reaper DAW, Komplete Ultimate (Absynth, Battery, FM8, Guitar Rig, Kontakt, Massive and Reaktor), or Band In A Box are also available. Scroll down for more.
Contact us to get started.
See me in concert:

General Information - Lessons once a week
- Each lesson 1/2 hour long (longer lessons available)
- All ages, from school-aged children to Adults of any age
- All experience levels welcome
- Emphasis on various methods and/or styles available
- Only $75 per month (even if there are 5 weeks in the month) for Piano Lessons
- Variable prices for music software, theory, composition, etc
- Experienced teacher
- Local locations central to most of Alachua & Marion counties
- Internet lessons
- Good schedule for homeschooling students
- Performance opportunities for piano students
- Recitals for piano
- Organ lessons also available in Micanopy
Testimonials from our current students are available upon request.
Piano lessons are offered for ALL ages and ALL experience levels. As long as your child can read their lesson book, they are old enough to start. All styles of music are taught and supplementary instruction in theory, composing/arranging, lead sheets, accompanying and more are also available. My teaching schedule is great for homeschooling students too.
Whether you want to help your child have an advantage in life or if you are an adult who never learned or you're someone who wants to start lessons again, NOW is the time to start. Don't put it off any longer. You are never too old to start. To get started taking lessons, contact us today!

Have you been trying to learn to play the piano on your own and realized it just doesn't work? If nothing else, an experienced teacher can give you feedback to make sure you are learning to play the piano in the easiest and most efficient way! A book cannot do that. YouTube videos cannot do that. In my experience, few people are able to correctly learn to play the piano on their own.
I also teach organ lessons.
If you are looking for sheet music or MP3 files, then visit our Music Catalog or our used music page

Available Lesson Times

If you are interested in lessons, drop me a note and we'll figure out the best times.
Lessons are also available wherever you live via the internet and can be scheduled at just about any time we are both available.
Our YouTube page and our Blog have some videos and articles that would be of interest to those taking piano lessons. Check out the links found on this page

Lesson Locations

Lessons are now available WHEREVER YOUR PIANO IS via the Internet!
They continue to be available for face to face interaction for students who live in the Ocala and Gainesville areas and all places in-between.

Here's a map of my Micanopy location. It is a short drive from Gainesville and Ocala and towns in between: Google Map of piano lesson location. I have had students who travel as far away as Lake City and southern Ocala to the Micanopy location.
If you can't travel the short distance to take lessons face to face or we can't work out a good time, consider taking lessons via the internet.
Whether you wish to take lessons via the Internet or face to face, the best way to reach us is to use the Music Lesson Inquiry form to let us know today!
Are you finding it hard to learn on your own or from YouTube videos or expensive video tutorials? If nothing else, an experienced teacher can give you feedback and experience that you can't get from any other source. A book or a video can only do so much. In my experience, nothing beats learning one on one with a teacher.

Contact information

For more information, use the Piano Inquiry form. Please make sure your spam filters (and those of your ISP) do not block email from me or you may never get my response.
I can send you additional information on taking lessons or arrange to set up an appointment to meet (at no charge to you).
Testimonials and references available on request.

Internet Lessons If you can't attend lessons face to face, consider lessons via the internet. My Micanopy location is a short drive from Gainesville and not too far from Citra, Reddick, Williston and north Ocala. The Micanopy location features a concert-hall like setting and grand-piano. Lessons in Micanopy are cheaper than most Gainesville based teachers, so any extra gas expense should be covered by the lower cost. And don't worry; lessons at a church aren't any different than anywhere else. In fact, given the location, it is better than lessons in Gainesville.

Did you know...
An article in The Scientific American, July 2003 stated that children with training in music have better verbal skills than those who do not. The article suggested that students with better verbal memory probably will find it easier to learn in school. Also noted is that the longer one studies music, the more the verbal skills improve.
A recent study done by the National Association of Psychiatrists and Psychologists (NAPP) indicates that having hobbies such as ... music decreases the chance that one will be referred to a mental health practitioner by 24 percent.


I have a book available! In The Shadows But Still In The Spotlight. An introductory guide to the world of piano accompanying. See details about the Book.



Only $75 per month (for piano lessons).
Picture of Micanopy lesson location
All costs are a flat rate per month for all piano lessons. Makeup lessons are available if you should choose to miss a regular lesson. Music books are the student's responsibility. There is no signup or materials fee.

About James

James has a Bachelor's Degree in Music (theory/composition/piano) from the School of Music at Stetson University - Florida's first School of Music - plus Graduate studies (studio writing and production) at the University of Miami's School Of Music. He has more than 35 years of experience as a performing musician and his primary job as a musician is as a piano teacher. He is a nationally published composer/arranger and has released several albums that are available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, Spotify and CD Baby. (See the links below). He also has co-produced 4 other CD's (on which he also played piano). Besides piano lessons, he is available as an accompanist, arranger, music typesetter, clinician, church organist or to play piano for various types of social events. He also the founder and main contributor of original compositions and arrangements at this web site's main page, all available for free! Read more...


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